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(1) Powerful cooling performance(2) Shark Fin Blade Fan(3) Dual fan Installation(4) DTH base technology(5) Wide compatibility(6) ZM-STG2M provided..

AED 152.25 Ex Tax: AED 145.00


(1) TAC(Turbulence Acceleration Convex) Fin(2) MLS(Multi-Layer Slit) Fin(3) Dual Fan Support(4) Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) Base(5) 180mm Wide Case Compatibility(6) Versatile Compatibility(7) ZM-STG2M provided..

AED 210.00 Ex Tax: AED 200.00


(1) V-Shaped Dual Heatsinks(2) MLS (Multi-layer Slit) Fin(3) FCG(FET Cooling Guide) Fin(4) Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) Base(5) Versatile Compatibility(6) ZM-STG2M provided(7) Ultra Quiet 120mm PWM Fan..

AED 157.50 Ex Tax: AED 150.00


(1) FDC (Fluid Distribution Chamber) flow Structure(2) TAC(Turbulence Acceleration Convex) Fin(3) MLS (Multi-layer Slit) Fin(4) DTH(Direct Touch Heat-Pipe) Base(5) 100mm shark Fin Blade Fan Applied(6) ZM-STG2M provided(7) Easy & Simple installmen..

AED 131.25 Ex Tax: AED 125.00

Zalman GM4

(1) Customize for perfect grip(2) Easy customization tool provided(3) Omron button applied(4) Adjustable weight tuning system(5) Laser gaming Mouse sensor applied(6) Real-time DPI change and DPI memory(7) 10 Programmable Buttons(8) Exclusive Software..

AED 220.50 Ex Tax: AED 210.00

Zalman H1 Black

(1) AHV Cooling System(2) Modular Type Fan Controller(3) Dual Radiator Water Cooler installable(4) Highly Functional 200mm LED Fan(5) Exclusive Power Supply Cooling(6) User-centered convenient Interface(7) Aluminum style applied foreside and upper do..

AED 523.95 Ex Tax: AED 499.00

Zalman HPS300

(1) Headset striving for best sound quality(2) 50mm macro driver unit(3) Powerful Bass(4) High quality Microphone(5) Hardware volume control device(6) Noice cancellation(7) Comfortable headband(8) Ideal cable length for PC..

AED 52.50 Ex Tax: AED 50.00


(1) World Fastest Ultra Polling Keyboard(2) Real 1000HZ unlimited multi-key input!(3) worlds first! Game & Desktop dual mode support.(4) world first, membrane N-by-N Technology support - Patent and PCT Registration!(5) Both PS/2 and USB interface..

AED 147.00 Ex Tax: AED 140.00


(1) Fantastic LED effect(2) Lighting up the pressed keys only- Touch mode(3) Lighting up not only the pressed keys, but also near keys together- 3different- Wave mode(4) Lighting up your favorite keys- KEY LED mode(5) Lock the keys you don't want to ..

AED 624.75 Ex Tax: AED 595.00


(1) Ergonomic design(2) Omron switch lasts up to 5,000,000 clicks(3) Customizable weight adjustment(4) Equipped with Avago A3050 Optical Image Sensor(5) Instant mouse sensitivity change(6) 4 different LED illumination(7) 9 buttons(8) Switches between..

AED 84.00 Ex Tax: AED 80.00

Zalman M600R

(1) Real 4000 DPI, AVAGO 3090 Sensor(2) Self-Developed mouse 32bit MCU(3) 600/1000/1600/4000- 4 step DPI Manual control(4) 4 Different LED colour for 4 step DPI control(5) 400~4000 - 16 steps DPI control via custom firmware(6) 600 DPI low Sensing mod..

AED 115.50 Ex Tax: AED 110.00


(1) High efficient Octa cooling path(2) Optimized quad radial radiator design(3) The world's first nanofluids applied cooler(4) Micro fin copper base applied for quick heat transfer(5) Low noise / high performance built-in water pump(6) Efficient VRM..

AED 330.75 Ex Tax: AED 315.00

Zalman SHE350

(1) No any S/W or Driver for security is required. it is a stand alone hardware encryption devise(2) Independent and real time hardware encryption compatible with any devise supporting USB host(3) ZM-SHE350 supports full hardware encryption. so, no d..

AED 141.75 Ex Tax: AED 135.00

Zalman SHE500

(1) ZM-SHE500 Supports additional functions via"Menu" on it(2) Show the Temperature of HDD which is installed in ZM-SHE500(3) It shows the current USB port speed between ZM-SHE500 and the connected PC or Laptop.(4) No any S/W or Driver for security i..

AED 262.50 Ex Tax: AED 250.00

Zalman VE350

(1) USB 3.0 Super Speed w/ Max 5Gbps Transfer Rate(2) Convenient Virtual ODD(3) One Touch Backup and safe Removal(4) Convenient and Intuitive Menus(5) 2.5" SATA I/II/III HDD Compatible(6) Aluminum Body for Enhanced cooling and Elegance(7) Plug and Pl..

AED 168.00 Ex Tax: AED 160.00


(1) Optimized air flow cooling structure(2) Install up to 3 System Fans(3) Exclusive Cooling for Power Supply(4) Transparent acryl side applied(5) Black cover sash(6) USB 3.0 Support & Convenient Interface(7) Dust Filter Installed(8) CPU Cooler M..

AED 183.75 Ex Tax: AED 175.00

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